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Hi my name is Leah, I am co owner of Beautipets and the Head Groomer & stylist. I have been grooming for two decades now.

I was able to pursue my dream of being a dog groomer after I was made redundant from my employment in 2000 and found myself in a position to take up the training for a career I had always wanted to do.  

There has never been a day since then that I have not enjoyed my time of grooming dogs. I consider myself to be very lucky and fortunate to be able to meet so many dogs and to build a relationship up with them to. 

I keep up with my Training as I feel it’s important to keep up with new styles and or procedures as well as what’s best for your dogs. 

I also have been accredited with my Caine First Aid Certificate. I am also currently a member of IMCG (international masters certified groomers)


I have always been a pet lover and currently my 6 gorgeous pooches own me. These consist of 4 Bichon Frise, Lhasa Apso and Australian Silky Terrier. 


I also Show my own Bichon's and have qualified for Crufts the past three years running, as well as this I often participate in Grooming Competitions and have come 1st in Scissoring Style with my Bichon frise and also 2nd in Hand stripping a Cocker Spaniel. 

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