De-matting policy



Our normal Grooming charge does not include de-matting. There is an additional charge of up to £15 for any additional grooming time required to de-mat your dog.


We will not de-mat, elderly, infirm or aggressive dogs.


Please note: We groom humanely, dogs severely matted will be shaved off.


At Beautipets we consider Humanity over Vanity, we will never de-mat a dog if it will cause pain or discomfort. When a groomer has to shave off a dogs coat this is not an easy decision. Shaving a matted coat means working extremely close to the skin with a clipper blade. On release of the coat from the body there is often signs of trauma to the skin, at Beautipets we will always point this out to you and give you some aftercare advice. 


Dogs react differently to having a matted coat shaved off, some dogs become withdrawn and anxious this is mainly to do with feeling different touches on their body, an example of this being their tail touching their back end whereas the hair normal protected this area from sensitivity. 

Other dogs are so happy to have a free range of movement whereas this may have been restricted due to discomfort that the matted coat was causing. 


Beautipets will always give grroming advice to owners on how best to maintain their dogs coat at home. Its your job as the owner to look after this coat and ensure your dog leads as happy and comfortable life as possible. 


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