Payment Plans

We Have serval payment plans available: for all payment plans there is a 2% service fee.


Sign up with a deposit payment and pay as you train


To help you achieve your new career in Dog Grooming we offer a payment plan. Meaing you can Complete all of your online theory work while you pay. Once full payment has been made you would be able to complete your Practical days.


Total cost of training = £4,880 +2%

£1000 deposit on booking

£829.60 month 1 Online theory work

£829.60 Month 2 Online theory work

£829.60 Month 3 Online theory work

£829.60 Month 4 Online theory work

£829.60 Month 5 Online theory work

£829.60 Month 6 Online theory work and Practical


Sign up with a deposit payment and arrange remaining payments to suit your budget.


Once your deposit has been paid you can start your theory work at home on our E-Portfolio system.The next step would be booking your practical days, these can commence when all payments have been completed and the course is paid in full.



iPET Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Grooming and an Introduction to Styling - £3480 + 2%

Deposit - £1000

maximum of 10 instalments 


iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management - £4,880 + 2%

Deposit - £1000  

maximum of 10 instalments


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