Training courses

Owners Day £ 45

Half a day

Taster Day £100

1 Day In The Life Of A Groomer


Grooming assistant Course £1300

12 Day Course 


Dog Grooming Course £2,800 (Student Kit Included)

30 Day Course 


Owners Day

This course will help you learn how to maintaine your dogs coat inbetween grooming appointment to advoid your dog being clipped of due to matting. 

Bath and blow dry your own dogs coat 

How to remove undercoat safely

Advice on tools and how to use them correctly

Taster Day

Introducing you to dog grooming and the steps involved that most people are unaware of. This should also help you decide if dog grooming is for you.

Grooming assistant course

This course gives you an insight into the world of Dog Grooming and prepares you for “employment”  in a grooming salon. Your course will focus on “preparation”.  You will learn all basic grooming skills and how to use all the specialised equipment.


•        Prepare Dogs Prior To Bathing

•        Bath And Clean Dogs

•        Dry Dogs And Prep For Styling

•        Clipping sanitary area's

•        Moving and handling dogs Between Locations

•        Handling and Restraining Dogs

•        Clean And Maintain Equipment

•        Health And Safety In The Salon

•       Taking booking



Dog Grooming Course

This course is inclusive of all features of the grooming assistants course and much more. You will style a variety of the popular breeds which regularly visit a grooming salon. You will learn how to handle clippers, scissors and thinners to create style in your groom. You will learn how to assess, plan, style, finish, promote and maintain the health and well being of dogs with customer care in mind.


•        All of the grooming assistant course material included

•        Legislation In Dog Grooming Industry

•        Blending, Thinning, Basic Scissoring

•        Style And Shape Dogs Coats

•        Health Checking A Dog

•        Basic Animal Care

•       Moving and handling dogs

•        Equipment Choices

•        Time Saving Techniques

•        Business Start Up Advice

•        Customer Care



Scissoring and styling £150

1 Full day one to one pet styling (this course is for groomers wanting to improve their skills) (1 or 2 Dogs Depending on your level of experience)

Breed  specific (Except Bichon show coat)£70

1/2 day one to one Breed Specific (this course is for groomers wanting to improve their skills)

Bichon Show coat £100

1 day one to one Prepare to show standard and style to KC Breed standard

Scissoring (this course is for groomers/show exhibitors wanting to improve their skills)

Scissoring and styling multiple Breeds £700

5 day's one to one 

​Preparing coat prior to styling

Techiques how to get that plush finish

shaping and styling

advice on best tools and products to use


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